Where to start.  Sullivan (who introduces himself as Sully) told us that the wineries that we would be going for a tasting would be a surprise.  In other words, we would not know where we were going, or what we would be doing, but he promised us that it would be good.

OMG!  is all I can say.  He exceeded our expectations by about 120%.

The wineries were incredible (our tastings were all seated behind the scenes)  and the long lunch at Voyager will be talked about with my friends for years.

The beauty of this Margaret river escape package is that it never feels like a tour at all.  Both Sully and Paul have grown up in the region, they know most of the winemakers, and draw on that experience to seek out the gems that you would never find on your own.  Paul (who does the canoeing and bike riding on the first day) gave us an absolutely fantastic adventure day.

They will both entertain with stories as you travel, and are very knowledgable about the area.

The weekend was absolutely brilliant, and like nothing we have experienced before.  I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough.

From a very happy girl – and five of her friends.

Jemma.Best experience you will ever have.

A group of our mates were heading down to Margaret River for a bucks, didn’t want to think too had about what to do, and stumbled on the Great Margaret River Escape – run by Sully and Paul.  The whole weekend was absolutely brilliant.  Both funny guys.  Both accommodating to our needs. Both professional.  Both knew a lot about the region and seemed to know everyone in the area.

Thank you Sully and Paul for creating a weekend that we still talk about – I have already given your business card to friends who reckon you’re onto a winner with the Margaret River Escape and can’t wait to do it.



Off away on the Margaret River Escape, where the wineries will be boutique, the wine will be sublime, the canoeing and bike riding will fantastic and the hosts, Sullivan and Paul, will be entertaining, engaging, and give as good as they get.

These guys are brilliant operators.  They gave us experiences that we could never have found by ourselves and were very knowledgable about the area.   Paul even lent his surfboards to one of my friends so she could go surfing during the weekend. The accommodation – the princess palace – had to be seen to be believed.

I can not recommend this highly enough.  Just do it!